Sonoma County / Napa Valley Real Estate and Visitor’s Guide. CA

From the beautiful, Historic Downtown of Petaluma to the rich culture of Sonoma, there is something to cherish about every community in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. Whether you are looking for information about real estate, schools, local events, or just a little history about each of these historic towns, you’ll be sure to find them here in our community guide, presented by the Stornetta Team. Click on any city below and enjoy!


Glen Ellen, CA Real Estate Guide

Glen Ellen, CA – Located in the Sonoma County, Glen Ellen is simply a relaxing place to live. Many of the historical buildings that were a part of the original settlement of Glen Ellen still exist, creating a beautiful area within the town where the sun shines for 264 days a year. While people used to come to Glen Ellen as a resort town to escape the fog of San Francisco, this town is now being filled with people who want to live their all year long, tempted by the beautiful scenery.


Healdsburg, CA Real Estate Guide

Healdsburg, CA – Located in Sonoma County, Healdsburg is nestled between three lush valleys, and is surrounded by over 60 wineries, the scenic Russian River, and lush, vineyard-covered hills. The Healdsburg area has been compared to Italy and France, both in quality of wine, ambiance, and environment. With its natural beauty and cosmopolitan flair, Healdsburg is the perfect place for romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a place to call home!


Kenwood, CA Real Estate Guide

Kenwood, CA – Located in Sonoma County, Kenwood is one of the smaller areas of the Sonoma Valley which makes it the perfect place to raise a family. With small teacher to student ratios and a high graduation rate for high school seniors, there are many people who bring their families to Kenwood to experience Sonoma Valley living. Close to big cities like San Francisco but far enough away to feel safe and secure, this little town is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the picturesque sights of the Sonoma Valley.


Napa, CA Real Estate Guide

Napa, CA – Located in the Napa Valley, Napa is a vibrant and modern city with a respect for its past. The city blends urban comfort with historical beauty in an area that is rich not only in wineries but in culture. With a typical Napa Valley climate, and the same style of life found in other towns in the Sonoma Valley, you’ll be sure to love how Napa is perfect for adults as well as families with children.


Sonoma, CA Real Estate Guide

Sonoma, CA – Located in Sonoma County, Sonoma is a historic and famous town, which has a history steeped in the past of California. The site of Native American villages, then Spanish missions, and eventually the town that sits there now, Sonoma has a population of about 9,500 people, and a rich heritage. Surrounded by wineries and filled with theaters, museums, and historic buildings, families and just adults will find something that appeals to them in this medium-sized town.