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Petaluma Real Estate Listings, CA (California)

Petaluma, CA Real Estate. MLS Listings to Realty and Homes for Sale

Petaluma, CA Real Estate. MLS Listings to Realty and Homes for Sale

Petaluma, CA Real Estate Listings
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Welcome to Petaluma, CA!

Noted on the National Register of Historic Places, beautiful Petaluma, CA is full of remarkable realty that are perfect for vineyards, homes, or other residential uses. The city is located 32 miles north of San Francisco within the Sonoma Valley, and is full of history, with one of the most amazingly preserved historical areas in the country. With temperate weather that shares the beautiful climate of the Sonoma Valley region, and surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of the California wine valleys, it is easy to understand why people are interested in owning Petaluma, CA real estate.

Petaluma, CA History

There were inhabitants in what is present day Petaluma nearly 10,000 years ago, with an original settlement less than four miles away from the current town. These inhabitants were known as Coast Miwok Native Americans, and they were a society of hunters and gatherers. In 1776, the first Spanish explorer came to the Petaluma area, and 1836 saw the first construction in the area, which would eventually lead to the chartering of the town in 1858. The main business was shipping through the Petaluma River, and that river is still used for the same purpose today.

The area of Historic Downtown Petaluma is a testament to the historical value of this little piece of the Sonoma Valley. There are many beautifully preserved buildings within walking distance of all the attractions of Petaluma, including hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas. The historical value of this town combined with the friendly atmosphere makes Petaluma a wonderful place to purchase realty and to raise a family. Click here to read more about the history of Petaluma, CA.

Petaluma, CA Weather

The Sonoma Valley is known for the temperate climates that characterize the cities there, and Petaluma is no exception. With an annual average of 24 inches of precipitation, this area is never short of warm, sunny days. The average temperatures of the spring through late fall months is usually between 65 and 85 degrees, while the temperatures during the winter months of December, January, and February have highs of the low 50s, to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In all, this climate is perfect for anyone who is searching for that ideal Mediterranean style of temperatures that are all along the Sonoma Valley region. Click here for current weather conditions in Petaluma, Ca.

Petaluma, CA Schools

Purchasing Petaluma, CA real estate makes sense if you have children. Petaluma has a large number of schools available for elementary, middle, and high school educations. There are also divisions of private and public schools in each section of schools in the city. Many colleges and universities which are within a close proximity (less than 40 miles) to Petaluma including the University of San Francisco, and the University of California – San Francisco.

The schools of Petaluma are a part of the Old Adobe Union School District and the Petaluma City School District. The elementary school in the Old Adobe Union School District with the highest API Score is Sonoma Mountain Elementary School with a score of 839. The elementary school in the Petaluma City School District with the highest API Score is Grant Elementary with a score of 896. The middle school with the highest API is Petaluma Middle School which has a score of 797. The high school with the highest score is Petaluma High School which has a score of 756. Click here for Sonoma County API School Scores.

Petaluma, CA Real Estate Market Trends

The real estate trends in Petaluma are currently evening out, with buying and selling homes. This means that you’ll be able to find a home you want that will increase in value a bit. Seven years ago, a home in Petaluma was worth, on average, $298,500. That number has grown to $637,600 in only five years time. The population is at approximately 55,000 people strong currently, which makes Petaluma, CA the size of a small city. The steady growth of the city, combined with the even real estate market trends are a great reason to buy realty now. There are many different prices of homes in Petaluma, and you're sure to find something in your range whether you are looking for a home for $500,000 or $3,000,000. Click here view the real estate market report for Petaluma, CA.

Relocating or Buying Real Estate in Petaluma, CA?

If you’re ready to purchase Petaluma, CA real estate or need help relocating, then contact the Stornetta Real Estate Team @ (707) 934-2301. Whether you are searching for a valuable piece of real estate in wine country, or if you just want a beautiful place to retire and relax, you’ll certainly find it here! We are proud to welcome you to Petaluma and look forward to providing you with our "World Class service"! Click here for the Sonoma County real estate / Napa Valley real estate & visitor's guide, including land, vineyards, and homes for sale in Glen Ellen, Healdsburg, Kenwood, Napa, Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA...

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